Honour Roll  2019 - 2020

2020 SCNL Sectional Championships

Novice Women

First Place McKenna Mercer

Third PlaceAbby Pace

Pre-Novice Women 

First Place Rachael Tuff

Second Place Katie Slaney

4th Boroka Albert

7th Sarah Burry

Juvenile U12

Third PlaceJulia Yang

Juvenile U14

First Place Madison Abbott-Billard

5th Kara Lacey

PreJuvenile U13

First Place Claire Farrell

10th Brooklyn Smith

11th Norah Lynch

12th Sophia Wade

Star 4 Under 8

Second Place Regina Zhang

Star 4 Under 10

4th Lila Donovan

5th Sarah White

7th Lauren Parsons

2019 Rebecca Pack Memorial Friendship Skate

Novice Women

First Place Abby Pace

Third PlaceMcKenna Mercer

Pre-Novice Women 

First Place Katie Slaney

Second Place Rachael Tuff

4th Sarah Burry

Juvenile U14

First Place Madison Abbott-Billard

6th Kara Lacey

PreJuvenile U13

First Place Claire Farrell

10th Norah Lynch

12th Brooklyn Smith

13th Sophia Wade

Star 10 Women 

First Place Ebyni Clarke

Star 9 Women 

Second Place Ebyni Clarke

Star 7 Women 

4th Claire Farrell

6th Madison Abbott-Billard

7th Kara Lacey

16th Brooklyn Smith

Star 6 Women 

4th Claire Bennett

Star 5 Women (Under 13)

First Place  Adèle LeFrançois-Bélanger

Star 5 Women (Over 13)

5th Brianna Harty

7th Juliette LeFrançois-Bélanger 

Star 4 Girls (Under 13) Group 1

4th Alyssa Keats

12th Allie Ryan

Star 4 Girls (Under 13) Group 5

6th Kaleigh Whiffen

Star 4 Girls (Under 10)

Second Place  Lila Donovan

4th Sarah White

5th Lauren Parsons

SCNL Summer Skate 2019

  Novice Women - Free Program

Second PlaceMcKenna Mercer

Novice Women - Short Program

Third PlaceMcKenna Mercer

  Pre-Novice Women Free Program

First PlaceKatie Slaney

Second PlaceRachael Tuff

  9th Ebyni Clarke

Pre-Novice Women - Short Program

First PlaceKatie Slaney

Third Place Rachael Tuff

  6th Ebyni Clarke

Juvenile Women (Under 14)

First PlaceMadison Abbott-Billard

Third Place Kara Lacey

 Pre-Juvenile (Under 13)

Second PlaceClaire Farrell

  8th Brooklyn Smith

  10th Norah Lynch

Star 7 Women 

Second Place Madison Abbott-Billard

Third Place Claire Farrell

 6th   Kara Lacey

Star 6 Women 

Third PlaceClaire Bennett

Star 4 Girls (Under 13)

11th Isabella Gorman

Star 4 Girls (Under 10)

Third Place Lila Donovan

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Monday, August 12 @ 6pm - Returning Members in Intro Star to Senior 

Monday, August 19 @ 10am - Returning Members in PreCan & CanSkate

Monday August 26 @ 10am - New Members in Intro Star to Senior 

Thursday August 29 @ 10am - Associate Members

Saturday Sept 7 @ 10am - New Members in PreCan & CanSkate 

Payment Notes & Options Available:

Cash, cheque or etransfer to mppscreg@gmail.com. 

Payment Plan Options:

1) Payment in Full - 100% at registration

2) 2 Payment Option: 50% at registration and 50% on December 1

3) 4 Payment Option: 25% at registration, 25% on November 1, 25% on December 1 and 25% on January 1

4) 6 Post-Dated Cheque Option: 50% to be paid by December 1 with 1st cheque due at registration, Final 50% by March 1st